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5 step program

Intercession – We are called to bless the staff, partners, and friends of GEMinistries, as well as the Body of Christ, and the lost, with intercession. We do so in accordance with the Word of God, and His will.  [1 Timothy 2:1-3] 


Prayer and Supplication – Our needs are best served, as the will of God is manifested in our lives.  Prayer, based on the Word of God, aligns our requests with the will of God, in order to meet every need.  ​[Ephesians 6:18]​​​​​

Counseling – We seek God for wisdom and direction, to counsel those who choose to live according to God's will.  Counsel begins with obedience to the Lord.  [Job 12:12-13]​ 

Coaching – Walking with the Lord, and applying His Word allows us to life-coach those who are willing to receive instruction and correction.  [Nehemiah 12:46].​​ 


Assistance – Through the process of intercession, prayer, counsel, and coaching, a Scriptural foundation is established.  Once established, assistance may be supplied, according to God's will.  ​[James 2:17]​​​​​

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If you would like to join us for service, please contact us for time and location.

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